Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 Just a quick update..

While we are still putting on the final touches at the new studio, it is online and operational and we have done two live broadcasts from there..

This morning I upgraded the players on the home page..

Friday, December 18, 2020

Personal Music Management & Integration

 The WPEL radio App, is so much more than your traditional player.

It has a fully integrated personal MP3 management system.  Allowing you to organize your own playlists and store all your personal music on your phone.  Don't own any music, no problem it has built in access to our Caprice music store which is in the process of integrating buy buttons with are radio stations!

Soon when  you are listening to the radio and hear a song you like, a simple push of a button will  add it to your personal collection!


Thursday, December 17, 2020

Beta of New APP is ready for testing!

 Ok everyone, the moment you have been waiting for!

I have completed Ver 2.0 of the new Radio APP and it's ready for BETA testing...

I've also released the new SDK & APK for you hardware designers putting the new EP32SK-128 chips in the next generation of phones,radio's & car's !  Merry XMAS I know you will love it..

And yes the picture above is correct, I've invented a New transcoder so one APK now runs across all platforms (IPhone, Android, HTML5, Windows Even BlackBerry)  LOL take that Google & Apple!

So yes Expect me to open a new APP store in 2021 that any and all devices can goto!!

Viva La Change....

As always I look forward to your revues..


P.s. You young whipper snappers, who's too old to program now!

APK Code

Upgraded Chat rooms

 We have discontinued our association  with Chat Avenue.

Opting to bring it in house for better integration and use as it's core.

4 Rooms have been established:

1.> Main Corporate

2.>  80's Station

3.>  SmoothJazz

4.>  Country    


Tuesday, December 15, 2020

We receive two new international Top Level Domain Names from ICANN

 Now you can reach our broadcasts directly by going to:    or

Of course we can still be found at, or by going to


Pelican Broadcasting Adds two more stations

 Well the paperwork is complete

WCNZ 1660 KHz AM  &  WVOI 1480 KHz AM

both can be found at the bottom of are home page at: http://www.PelicanBroadcasting.Net

We plan to upgrade them via our Mesh technology making them both "Green" and "DAB"


Rick Braun's Virtual New Year's Eve Party



   GOOD BYE 2020! Rick Braun one of the great horn players in the smooth jazz genre will be holding as virtual New Years Eve Party the 30th and 31st . Stars Include


*****RICK  BRAUN ***** DAVE KOZ ***** MARC ANTOINE *****

******** RICHARD ELLOIT *******MINDI ABAIR ******


  This celebration is on line at Rick Braun's New Year's Eve | Tucson Jazz | New Years Eve Tucson (




 Just a quick update.. While we are still putting on the final touches at the new studio, it is online and operational and we have done two ...